Hello my name is Brian Richardson. My son Liam and I fell in love with Pokemon cards a few years ago. We got my daughter Faith hooked too- she really enjoys the cute factor of the characters! The three of us really enjoy collecting the Trading Card Game cards. Together as a family, our mission is to make the best cards available at a reasonable cost, so others can share the joy of collecting with their family and friends!

As the owner of Michigan Video and Photography, (www.michvp.com), I hope to instill the passion, hard work and rewards of building a business to Liam and Faith.

Our approach to business is to follow the words of Jesus from the famous sermon on the mount: Matthew 7:12: “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you..."

Happy collecting and we appreciate your support!

P.S. be our Pokemon Go friend! Just "add friend" in your Pokemon Go account and type in our code to the 'add friend' section:
Brian/EeahVeeGX: 9110 3908 5790
Liam/Ashketchum132010: 5370 1189 7862